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Eight reasons to offer free WiFi

The world is increasingly connected and so are public spaces. Airports, supermarkets, public squares, restaurants and restaurants that offer free WiFi with a certain competitive advantage over competitors.

According to the Techonomy Report, about 65% of consumers earn that restaurants and local businesses offer free WiFi, while 82% of people consult their phones about purchases they are about to make within the store, according to Google Report.

This type of convenience tends to grow and offer more solutions linked to it. Check below eight benefits to offer WiFi in your establishment.

1. Legal regulation

Regardless of where you are, stay within the law to avoid problems with users using your WiFi network illegally. Mambo adapted its platform to comply with the law.

In Brazil there are two laws that are extremely important: Marco Civil da Internet that obliges the establishment to keep a record of all users who browse the internet in a public place and the General Data Protection Law (LGPD) *, which provides the user the choice of how your data, collected by the establishment, will be treated later (here, it is the user's permission to allow or not to receive promotions from the place, among other examples).

Meanwhile, in Europe the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) *, offer greater power of choice to the user when defining how their data should be used by the site.

*If you are wondering if LGPD and GDPR are the same, we can say that they are very well known. The first to be launched was on the European continent and the second was the LGDP, adapted to the Brazilian scenario.

2. Attract new customers

Call more people to your store by activating WiFi. It is an opportunity to impact potential customers who are closer to you and, at the same time, you gain opportunities to involve you in the business offers.

3. Increase sales

The longer your customer stays in store, the greater the chance of gradually increasing. While he enjoys the space and the internet, you can use the different media formats like videos, vouchers / promotions to stimulate the purchase.

4. Promotions at selling points

Get strategic information to your customer faster. Show promotions of the day with our vouchers, inform about a launch with our banners or set up complete campaigns - all over WiFi and focused on sales.

5. WiFi no password

Just as it is tiring for you, the customer also gets tired of having to ask for the password. When the customer first accesses the network, he simply inserts the necessary data, while in the next visit the connection already identifies the registered user, preventing him from going through the process of requesting wifi.

6. Data base

Every registration you earn increases your database with crucial information about each person. Our platform allows you to analyze data from registered users to identify your customer's profile, acquiring greater clarity when building promotions for your audience. In addition, this data can be used for sending SMS, email marketing and among other forms of communication with your customer.

7. Improve store experience

Nowadays, you will not find the range of many magazines to read while you are waiting for a service. People are with their smartphones in hands all day long and got used to scroll the screen for several reasons. The waiting time for any service can be more comfortable when offering WiFi to your customer, reducing the feeling of wasted time by allowing them to access the internet without making use of their own data.

8. Costumer communication

Intensify in-store customer communication with the various media formats provided by the Mambo tool. Integrate actions that go from offline to online, capturing valuable information and locking your attention.

These are just eight advantages of offering wifi access in your store. If you don't have it yet and want to know a little more, talk to our sales team.

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